On May 31, 2017, the CLIMB interns, their employers, and the leaders of the CLIMB program kicked off the summer with dinner at the Cactus Club in downtown Denver. Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper welcomed the students to Colorado and discussed what makes Colorado such an incredibly special place to live, work, and contribute to the success of the city and state.

Misha, a Wesleyan student interning at Liberty Global, commented:

"As a Wesleyan student, I was really excited to meet Governor Hickenlooper, a Wesleyan alumnus, and hear him talk about his career path and life after college. I was surprised to learn that before running for public office, he did not have any experience in politics. As a geologist who majored in English and owned a brewpub, Governor Hickenlooper is a great illustration of the success of a liberal arts education.

One of the things that I found the most interesting was his initiative to make Denver an accessible city by extending the light rail service. Although his main goal of his campaign was to balance the state’s deficit, he was still able to implement socially important policies, such as the light rail service, which have made the city a great place for students and young professionals."  

Check out the photos from the dinner below!