When and how do I post a job description?

CLIMB collects job descriptions from September-February, so that the students may apply on a rolling basis. Download our job description template and complete all fields to reflect your company's needs. Please submit your completed job description to climbinternships@gmail.com. We have found that using a standard form across all employers allows students to be more effective in their job search.

If I post a job description, do I have to hire an intern?

No. Posting the job description allows you to receive applications from students of the participating schools. If you do not find one that meets your criteria and satisfies you, you are under no obligation to hire one.

When and how do students apply?

The website “opens” for student applications in October, and they can apply to any positions listed. They use our site for the application process, and their application is emailed directly to the employer for evaluation. It is the employer, not CLIMB, who makes the hiring decision. 

Can I advertise this internship position elsewhere, or does it have to be exclusive to CLIMB?

You may advertise the internship position through any and all sources available to you – it does not have to be unique for the CLIMB program. The schools often encourage students to apply for these internships because the schools believe them to be good summer jobs with various unusual benefits.


How do I evaluate and interview students?



You should review applications as they come in rather than holding them all until late in the application process. Most students apply to several jobs, and many of the best applicants are chosen early.  Also, in our experience, many applications are submitted in the final two weeks. We encourage you to interview all applicants, as any positive personal contact they have with a Denver employer will contribute to their perception of Denver as a place of potential employment opportunities.


How do I extend an offer to a student?


To extend an offer to a student, please make a verbal or emailed offer then follow up with a Commitment Letter for that student on company letter head. The student is expected to reply within 48 hours, and their position in the CLIMB program is not reserved until they complete and submit their portion of the Commitment Letter. Of course, it is ideal to call the student and discuss your offer, but both parties must also complete this Commitment Letter process.



Is there a cost to participate?



There is only a cost for employers who hire a student that participates in the CLIMB program. Employers who post a job description but do not hire a student are not charged. Employers pay students at least $460 per week, paid bi-weekly. For-profit employers pay an additional $2,500 and non-profit employers pay an additional $1,500 to cover the cost of housing at the Campus Village and civic, social, and educational components as well as program administration. The $7,100 total for for-profit employers translates to approximately $18 per hour; the $6,100 sum for non-profit employers translates to approximately $15 per hour. Employers are encouraged to pay rate that is competitive in their specific industry, which is many cases is well above the minimum rate suggested here.


What is the program schedule and the student work schedule?


The program runs 10 weeks, but is typically two weeks shorter for Stanford and Northwestern students, who are on a quarter system. All students will work regular work weeks (or what is stated in the job description) and participate in additional CLIMB program activities each week. Typically, required civic and educational dinners and events are held for students on Wednesday evenings. Often, voluntary student events, such as hikes, are scheduled on weekends.