How do I apply for a job in the CLIMB program?

Respond to specific job descriptions through your schools career website, all of which are linked through this website. Every job will require a resume, cover letter, and sometimes additional information uploaded through the career portal at your school, many of which use Handshake. Once CLIMB receives it, it will then be sent to the employer. Remember to address the cover letter to the employer, not to CLIMB, as you must be hired by an employer to participate in the program. Individual employers will interview you if they see you as a potential candidate and will ultimately make the employment offer through the Commitment Letter. Students who are hired by employers are admitted to the CLIMB program, generally on a first-come-first-serve basis.


What is the deadline for application?

The application period begins in October and ends in March, but you should apply for jobs early.  Some employers fill positions early, and positions in the CLIMB program are generally awarded on a first-come-first-serve basis for the employers and students who complete the Commitment Letter. Generally, jobs should be filled before students leave for spring break, either the beginning or middle of March.

What is the interview processes like?

Each employer will use its own interview procedures (typically by telephone) to make its final employment determination. While employers are encouraged to interview all applicants, many will not be able to do so.


How is my spot in CLIMB confirmed?

The employer extends an offer by initiating the CLIMB Commitment Letter. You are expected to reply within 48 hours, and your position in the program is not reserved until you complete the Commitment Letter and submit it to the Program Director. The Program Director will confirm your position in the program.


Can I arrive a week late or depart a week early?


You are to arrive in Denver on May 23 or 24, 2020 (for Yale, Middlebury, Harvard, Brown, Denison, Wesleyan, and MIT students). Our required orientation picnic dinner is Monday, May 25, 2020.
Your first day of work is Tuesday, May 26, 2020. The program runs 7 or 10 weeks, and your final day of work is Friday, July 31, 2020. You should confirm with your employer how they handle the July 4th holiday. Some employers may be willing to be flexible regarding arrival and departure dates on a case by case basis.




Will I need a car?




The job descriptions should state if the employer has noted whether or not a car is required (either for the work you’ll be doing or because the work location is not easily accessed by public transportation). You may want to confirm this information with the employer during the interview process. Denver is fairly easy to navigate by bike or public transportation, but some jobs may require a significant commute.

If you have access to a car for the summer, we strongly encourage you to bring it. While it is not necessary for many internships, and students generally work out carpools, you will find it easier to get to events, dinners, and around the state on weekends if you have a car. The dorms at Campus Village have a Light Rail pick-up outside the community but we also suggest you talk with your employer (or ask us) whether your particular job is close to a bus or a light rail line. There is parking available for a monthly fee at Campus Village.


Who is the employer, and will I be liable for my activities?



Each participant is an “at will” employee of the employing organization. The employers establish the rules and requirements relating to your employment. All students are expected to follow procedures and policies of their employers. If the employer is dissatisfied with the student or his or her work, the employer may terminate the student’s employment, which will then terminate the student’s participation in the CLIMB program, and the student will leave the program and its benefits. Neither CLIMB nor the local alumni associations who participate in and sponsor the program employ the students, nor are they liable to the students for employment or other matters.



How will I be paid?



The employers will pay your wages to you directly, typically bi-weekly or weekly, according to their own standard policies. You are considered an employee like other employees or summer interns with your employer, and are therefore subject to normal withholding procedures on your paycheck. Feel free to discuss the particulars of your pay period or withholdings with your employer. As a participant in the CLIMB program, your housing will be paid for by the program. Do be considerate that it is because of the financial contributions of employers, local alumni and/or your school, as well others in the community, that CLIMB is able to pay for your housing and provide you with other civic, social, and educational components.

Do I have to stay in group housing, even if I am from the Denver area?

You are strongly encouraged to live in the group housing as part of the CLIMB experience, even if you are from the Denver area. Remember, there is no cost to you for the housing arrangements. In certain cases, interns may be permitted to live elsewhere.



What is the housing like?



Housing is pre-arranged by CLIMB. Our housing for summer 2020 will be at Campus Village Apartments on the Auraria Campus. Students will be assigned to suites, furnished with a bed, dresser, and desk. Common rooms for the suites have a couch and chairs. Each suite has its own toilet and shower stalls. Suites have small kitchens with a stove and refrigerator.  CLIMB housing has wonderful common areas, including a fitness center, tv lounges and much more. Students must bring or buy their own kitchen items: pots, pans, dishes, glasses, etc. and bedding. The building has high speed Internet access and on site laundry facilities. Parking is available for a monthly fee.



How do I get to Denver?


By Air: To Denver International Airport (DEN) (about 45 minutes east of downtown Denver). All major airlines operate here, but it is a hub for United Airlines.

By Car: I-70 and I-25 go right through Denver.

The Program Director and your assigned alumni host will help you with specifics as the summer approaches.


What is the weather like?



Summers in Denver can get hot (expect 80s much of the summer with spikes in the 90s), but many of your offices will be quite cold with air conditioning. Also, Colorado evenings can get cool. We will take a few trips outside of Denver in the mountains where it will be colder, so make sure to bring a few layers. Confirm with your employer what the proper attire is for work. After hours, you will be in casual clothes for most of our events – there will be three or four “nice” events where you will be required to dress up, so bring something appropriate!

I was planning to take the LSAT, MCAT, GRE or GMAT this summer. Can I still do that?

Yes, there are several locations for LSAT, MCAT, GMAT or GRE classes and exams. You will need to make your own arrangements for this, ensuring that they do not interfere with your work schedule or other important elements of the program.